Sunday, June 15, 2008


So last night I had all sorts of crazy dreams, which are coming back to me in bits and pieces. Here are a few of them...

-My sister was making Rice Krispie treats (as we actually did in Hawaii). She had put melted butter and some melted marshmallows in a 9x13 pan, with about half a cup of Rice Krispies. She kept saying, "I don't want them to be soupy! I don't like it when they're soupy!" I asked her if she had put in six cups of Rice Krispies, and she said that she hadn't. I tried to add Rice Krispies to the pan and stir everything together, and it actually went better than it would in real life; the Rice Krispies seemed to sort of inflate and look like bars.

-My sister and I were walking downtown, and stopped at a jewelery store to look at the shiny things. Then she brought over a little ukulele, and I discovered I was able to tune it by ear. Then I played "Pearly Shells." She said the ukulele was $30, which seemed like a really good price, but I didn't want to buy a ukulele.

-We were still walking in the city, and it was dark out, apparently just before dawn. I realized that when we had started walking, everything had been light because the artificial lights were on. However, that meant that we'd been up, and walking in the city, since the middle of the night. I asked her why we'd gotten up so early, but I don't think I got an answer.

-I was tidying the kitchen of the last house I lived in with my parents, in Auburn. My mom had placed towels across the stove top, and there were boxes of fruit on the floor, which I understood to mean that she was going to be doing some canning. Then, somehow, a cat fell down the garbage disposal in the sink. The disposal wasn't on or anything, but it was still alarming. Only the cat's little gray head was poking out! I tried to help it out, but I had to kind of grab it by the head and neck. As I was pulling it out, it slipped and fell back in a little bit, but then it was able to get out.

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