Tuesday, June 17, 2008

food obsession

look! another dream!

in this dream a friend of mine insisted that we needed to go to denny's. she knew i was on this whole calorie-counting kick and that there was absolutely nothing at denny's that wouldn't blow my diet. but still she insisted and said that i could just watch her eat. i vividly remember the smell of food cooking and thinking how in the world am i going to sit here and not eat anything? it was very overwhelming.

the funny thing is that in real life this particular friend has no problem watching me eat deserts in front of her and has, on several occassions, accompanied me to denny's and watched as i devoured an ice cream sundae. i would always wonder how she could actually want to put herself in that situation, because there is no way i could watch someone else enjoy food and not eat it myself. she said she was enjoying it vicariously. my theory is that she enjoyed watching me gain weight!

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