Sunday, May 11, 2008

Baseball Game

I was at a baseball game with co-workers. Everyone was joking that one of the guys liked me, and I just kept saying, "But I have a boyfriend!" and no one was listening to me. So I was kind of hiding behind a pole. And then the stadium erupted into a cheer. I know they play it at Pirates games, but I don't know about anywhere else. It goes Da-Da-Da-Da CHARGE! And I was watching the woman leading the cheer. She was playing a black baby grand piano that sounded like a keyboard. And she had a cannon on top of the piano. And on the last time we all said Charge she pulled a lid off the back of the cannon and a cannonball went flying out. And it hit some guy in the chest. It was like a cartoon, the way it sunk into his body. And he just fell backwards. And then everyone around him kept saying, "Dude, he's dead" over and over and over again. I woke up feeling like I had caused his death.

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