Thursday, April 17, 2008

Celebrity Cameo

Last night I dreamed that I was attending college again, not my real one. This wasn't a trip back in time. I was my own age and was returning to school for some reason. At this school, the only people that I knew were people that I didn't like for some reason. I was constantly working to avoid these people. I was supposed to meet a couple of people that I did like for lunch, but they didn't show up and my feelings were really hurt. Since I had some extra time to kill, I went to my Spanish class early but there were people in the classroom, so I waited in the hall. I suddenly noticed that J.K. Rowling was sitting outside another classroom, waiting to give a guest lecture. I went over to her (totally out of character for me) and started talking about the Harry Potter series. I told her I was a big fan and we started discussing nerdy minutiae of the HP books.

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strovska said...

finally, a celebrity cameo that makes sense (more sense than me having a dream about kanye west, for example).

the trying-to-avoid-people sounds extremely unpleasant, like one of those dreams that would make you wake up really tired.