Wednesday, March 26, 2008

15th Floor

I dreamed that I, along with several people I know, was staying in a hotel. There were two plotlines happening simultaneously. First, there was a mystery about what was happening on the 15th floor. Every time one of us tried to take the elevator to the 15th floor something strange would happen to prevent us arriving. For example, we'd be splashed by water in the elevator. Once there was something black flapping around the elevator ceiling, which I captured only to discover that it was a swatch of black human hair.

Concurrently, a friend of mine (in real life) was making the rounds of the social network trying to explain her reasons for planning to commit suicide. She kept trying to tell us why she wanted to kill herself and we'd keep telling her not to. She'd try to explain to her husband over and over.

Anyway, eventually we caught the mysterious guy who appeared to have been creating all these strange things in the elevator. He was rather sheepish. When we all arrived on the 15th floor, it turned out that the mystery was a big electronics sale on the roof of the building and the mysterious guy had wanted it all to himself.

While we were walking around looking at the stalls and tents of electronics vendors, I noticed my friend and her husband arguing, he was pleading with her again, and she was pulling away. Just as I started walking toward them, she pulled her hand out of his and threw herself off the roof of the 15th floor. He fell to the ground sobbing, and I, along with other friends, restrained him from throwing himself after her. I was crying in the dream and woke myself up by making crying noises.


strovska said...

the suicide part is so traumatic!

about the mysterious no-15th-floor elevator with the shock of black human hair--are you *sure* you haven't been watching any japanese horror movies? {it's not really my choice, by the way, that i've become an expert in japanese horror movies.}

CëRïSë said...

Yeah, that hair thing was supercreepy; I'm glad your subconscious resolved that for you by making it about the electronics sale--that's hilarious!