Monday, February 4, 2008

Mental Picture Show

So last night I was apparently totally and utterly exhausted. I pulled a couple of late nights last week, and I guess it all caught up to me last night. Did I sleep soundly? Sure! But the darndest thing happened. I just kept dreaming, and dreaming, and dreaming, and dreaming! It seriously seemed to go on for hours (or what passes for hours in the Land of Nod). There was no recurrent theme, just one thing after another after another. At one point I think I might actually have been in control of the dream world. It was crazy! But at least it wasn't a stressed out, totally freaky, nut job dream like sometimes happens after a long week. Hopefully tonight my REM cycle calms down and I get an even more restful nights sleep (as much as I like a good picture show and all).

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