Monday, December 31, 2007

trippin on nyquil

so i've been fighting this cold and have been taking various medications to get me through the night. last night it was nyquil gel tabs and for the first time since i've been home i've managed to remember my dreams. and what a festival of weirdness they were...

the parts i remember: working at a high school and walking down the hallway where another teacher (a real-life former high school classmate of mine who i haven't thought of since high school) was begging others to swing dance with him. everyone else seemed to be quite shy and he was being quite persistent and so i said what the hell, i'll dance with you. so we began dancing and a crowd formed around us and were pretty impressed and i remember saying something to the effect of it's really not that hard if you have a good partner.

the next day there were a series of photos in the newspaper of us swing dancing and i was slightly embarrassed.

after that i was attending a concert somewhere (in the school cafeteria?) and the band consisted of members from various 80's big-hair bands, the lead singer being bret michaels* of poison. this band called themselves the crucifixion rockers which made everyone very happy with them because they were rocking out for jesus*. i whispered to someone next to me huh. i wonder how jesus-y these guys are going to be after the show?

after the concert ended, bret michaels came over to talk to me. i was incredibly amused by this and after he walked away i turned to the people next to me, who were now my friends kimberly and jay, and told them i have to text my brother*! he will never believe i talked to bret michaels!

later i found myself catching a ride with my neighbor, denver. we walked several blocks to his car which was some kind of old jaguar with it's top down. it had been raining and so the seats were wet. denver looked around and found another car with it's windows rolled down and there were towels inside. so he crawled through the windows and took the towels, wiped down his seats, and then put the towels back into the car he took them from. i remembered thinking that it wasn't so cool of him to steal the towels, but then again he had returned them... so i was only partly upset with him.

* these parts of the dream were very much inspired by 1) finding out that there is going to be a rock of love 2 (which my brother and i both share big love for) and 2) a conversation about god that i had with my parents right before going to bed.

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