Saturday, December 15, 2007


I don't remember any of the details, but I was at the office with some old coworkers from a different gig - the office was like a game show, we all sat behind the brightly colored consuls - and suddenly we were attacked by ghosts.

Turns out that I know the people who have come to save us from the ghosts, they're friends from a different gig, and as they catch the ghost, I'm all, "Hiiiiii Eddie!" And he's so excited to see me and suggests that I come along for the ride, which makes me an official ghostbuster too.

We went to a few different locations and caught some ghouls, or at least made sure they wouldn't frighten people anymore. And then we went into this room, which looked exactly like a woods and we were joking around and laughing, and I was taking polaroid pictures, and as we were about to leave, one of the pictures came into focus; a girl in a brightly colored green dress was being hung/neck slashed by a huge ghost behind one of the trees.

So everyone stopped having fun and became scared and started hunting this monster. We were running around and trying to get it, while it was doing the same to us. I think it was shooting something from a gun, but not bullets, to get us. Anyway, I happened to look down and see an ancient newspaper clipping about the girl. Somehow I reasoned that this was her destiny/hell/etc and that we couldn't save her, the best we could do was get out alive. I told this to Eddie who was crouching with me at that spot, and we both left the room stealthy. We took a deep breathe when we got out to the van, even though some random man was driving.

The van looked hilarious, it was like a Jed Clampett car, all stacked up with various boxes and it didn't look like it could hold us, or even where we would sit. Eddie opened this giant cereal box and climbed inside and told me to do the same.

I think I woke up after that. But the colors were really vivid, little spots of bright color in the grey/brown palate of everything else. I wonder if that's from watching Life is Beautiful last night before bed?

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