Friday, November 9, 2007

steve mcqueen?!

My subconscious is really making fun of me. Last night's dream was a combination choosing-clothes/ group-trip/ celebrity dream--again!

In part one, I was with my parents, sister, and grandmother on a visit to some distant relatives or friends-of-acquaintances, somewhere in Europe. We were supposed to be getting ready to go to some See-and-Be-Seen event, and this time my clothes options were actually pretty good, with some things I wouldn't mind having in real life (oh, and I also didn't have any pudginess issues in the dream). I hit a snag, though, when I got to the legwear. It was cold, and I wanted some opaque black tights to pull the whole thing together. I got out what I thought were black tights, and they turned out to be semi-transparent double-layered baggy purple nylons. I decided it was okay, though, because they looked Prada-ish.

In part two, I was on a mission-type trip to Morocco, and the leaders had assembled everyone for a morale-building session before going out for some sightseeing. They made everyone get in a circle and instructed us to all hold hands for several minutes. I found myself between an older, insipid woman and *Steve McQueen* (?!). He was gigantically tall, had huge hands, and seemed less than interested in the morale-building exercise. He did take my hand for a while, though, which I thought was great because then I could tell people, "Guess what? I've held hands with Steve McQueen!" There wasn't a great response to the hand-holding exercise, and it kind of fell apart when someone pointed out that Mr. McQueen's attire (a Moroccan shirt and shoes with jeans, acquired for him by his People) was likely to provoke the ire of the natives. Then someone pointed at that I was also wearing Moroccan shoes, although I thought it would okay, because they weren't as blatant (or as big!) as his. After that brouhaha had settled down, I discovered that I had bought a rare Japanese Lomo-ish camera for $3.99, and was really excited about it, but couldn't figure out how to use it.

Huh. I just looked up Steve McQueen because I knew absolutely nothing about him, and it turns out that although he was "listed" as being 5'10", he may have been as short as 5'7". How disappointing. Take that as a lesson not to do research on people in your dreams.