Saturday, November 3, 2007

Chased and late

So I was in the car with my parents, and we were driving along one of the semi-familiar composited freeways that populate my dreams. It was under construction of some sort. I don't remember if I saw a sign or heard a tour guide of some sort say it, but I became aware that there was something special about the robots on the side of the road. Robots?! I looked to one side of the car, and all I saw were these concrete pillar-things that looked vaguely humanoid. I looked to the other side, and there were some robots that looked like overgrown Lego men. One in a yellow hat started running up to the car, but my dad was able to speed up and get away from him. But then another of the robot guys started chasing us. This one looked like a human, with long dark hair and a goatee. I was reading a magazine and realized that the guy who was going to play a robot in a movie was a famous actor, who I think was named Collin Tokannon. Sure enough, that was the guy chasing us. I still felt alarmed by him, though, especially when he managed to catch us and then jump onto the bumper and cling to the car. We were in my car, the Bruise, and I was in the backseat, so I reached back and locked the back, just in case. I suppose if a guy can catch up to a speeding vehicle, jump onto the back, and manage to hold on, he shouldn't have any trouble opening the hatch and getting in (if it's unlocked).

Earlier, I had one of those awful dreams where I'm running late and about to disappoint everyone because I just can't get it together. It was my second day at a new job, and I was trying to decide what to wear. The outfit morphed a bit throughout the course of the dream, but throughout it was striking. I had on some sort of stripey green and pink long sleeved shirt, under a fuchsia button-down tunic with a beaded black bow-tie/brooch (I eventually removed the latter as being too over-the-top). Over that, I had on a sparkly black crocheted vest of sorts with a very open weave that showed the other two layers. On top of everything, I was wearing a soft, loose, long black sweater with a very deep V-neck, which made the whole thing very classy. The bottoms morphed from a knee-length fuchsia skirt that matched the tunic to capris of the same color. The thing that really pulled it all together, though, was my wide fuchsia bracelet. The problem was the shoes. Closed-toe shoes looked funny with such a spring-like costume, but it was winter and I had to wear them, even though the gap between my socks and the skirt/capris, exposing my very white legs, looked silly. I think I ended up settling on rather demure black sneakers with a couple inches of gray socks showing.

Even in the dream, I was concerned about such an odd get-up, but running as late as I was (45 minutes, I think, by the time the dream finally shifted), it didn't even occur to me to just start over. I think I thought if I could just get the right footwear ensemble, everything would be okay.

As if the stress in my waking life isn't enough. Instead it has to plague me in my sleep...


Curly Sue said...

Wow, Ceri. That kind of fashion detail is very impressive. I like the idea of the open weave sweater over the brightly colored shirts, though. I'm still wrestling with the what-shoes-to-wear-in-winter question.

Cerise said...

Yeah, the socks are the only part of that crazy ensemble that I actually own--I don't think I own any fuchsia, let alone an entire outfit of it. The outfit also made me look very short, in addition to straight-up bizarre.