Friday, October 19, 2007

Talking In Your Sleep

So last night I had a very disturbing dream which I don't want to talk about, but let's just say it had to do with an incest rape. It was really random, and bothersome, and that's enough of that. But when I woke up, the boyfriend was all, "what were you dreaming about?" and I was all, "uh, nothing." because I was suspicious of why he was asking.
"You kept talking about yarn." Is how he followed up.
"Yarn? Like knitting?"

So I have no idea where that came from. But I do talk in my sleep very often, so that part isn't surprising.

And as I'm blogging away, he's passed out on my bed, and just muttered to me, "I'm glad it's on your bed. See you later." and earlier, right after I sneezed he said, "It wasn't me!"


Cerise said...

"It wasn't me!" That's hilarious.

I too, if I'm to believe the reports, am an avid sleep-talker. Apparently I also laugh a lot.

I Hope So said...

oh, THAT is funny.

once i had a dream about smoking weed with my father. and i was told that i would do a lot of holding my breath and then breathing out loudly.

but mostly i tend to whimper in my sleep.

Thee Hidden One said...

I had a similar dream about having troublesome sex pictures on my cell phone that were being reported to the police that night...thats all Im really going to say about that dream...:)

Thee Hidden One said...
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