Sunday, October 21, 2007


I don't smoke cigarettes, and never have. I'm picky to borderline neurotic about my teeth and nails, and as a runner (and human!) also really need my lungs to work optimally. However, for years I've had dreams about smoking. Last night in my dream I smoked several rather long cigarettes, and I had the niftiest little lighter, a small metal button that flipped open to reveal a tiny flame.

You can feel free to question my thought process on this, but I've long equated these dreams with the desire to cut my hair very short (though being around smokers and seeing them on screen is likely an influence as well). I've been itching for a haircut recently; that seems like a better way to get rid of the dreams than to take up smoking!

Later on, I dreamed that we were running away/hiding from a bear. We were trying to throw rocks at it to scare it away, but somehow two groups of us ended up throwing at each other, and I kept barely avoiding being hit. My own ineffectual lob hit Bryant's mom, though thankfully not very hard.


I Hope So said...

1. i want someone i "know" to shave their head. and i elect you. you have the perfect head/face for it. please shave your head. thank you.

2. what did bryant's mom do to you? geez, ceri.


Cerise said...

I'm not sure winter in Minnesota is the best time to think about shaving my head! (Thanks for saying my head/face is perfect for it, though.)