Saturday, October 20, 2007


Last night I had a dream that I Hope So and I went shopping for my Halloween costume together. We were in an old thrift shop, but couldn't find anything. So we decided to go to lunch. It must have been in California because the weather was beautiful and we were walking down this long sort of sloped hill with a grassy knoll to our left and a frank gehry type building to our right. Even though we were going to lunch, I declared, ,"I have my rollerblades." And Mandy, I swear to god, looked at me and said with great disdain, "Um, that's great. But normally I don't bring rollerblades if I'm going to lay out."

Then later we were all in a hotel and getting ready to go out for the night. For some reason I feel asleep and had a dream-in-a-dream. My friend Kelly was up for the biggest fan of Purdue. They got to wear red to the games and greeted everyone friendly when the crowd showed up. She was so excited for this position, and thought for sure she'd get it since she was friends with the girl who was retiring from the position. It was a the game and she was waiting in the tunnels while they made the announcement. But instead of her name, they called the name of someone from HS. Suddenly he appeared in front of her, and he felt really bad that she didn't get it. And then they started randomly making out. And then she decided that since her life wasn't working out the way she wanted, she should lose her virginity to him. And she was all, "Sex is the best thing ever!"

And then the girls woke me up, and we were all about to leave to go out, but someone had set someone else up on a secret date, and instead of a young lad like we were expecting, it was the "old intern" from Grey's. And he immediately busted in and asked where the bathroom was. So I was trying to pick out some jewelry and then he came out of the bathroom and into my room and asked how long this would take. I told him I had somewhere to be at 6, so we'd only be out until 5:30 at the latest, I figured it was about 1. He rolled his eyes at me, and said, "Well, we only have my car, and I'm not sure we'll be ready by then, but there's always cabs back to the hotel from the city." So then I started furiously going through my luggage to see if there was anything else I needed, and was stacking rings on my fingers, rings I had forgotten I owned, let alone brought with me.

And then I woke up.

(I sincerely hope that if I meet any of you in real life, you won't be dripping with disdain about me. That was sad.)

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I Hope So said...

OH! i would never ever drip disdain towards you! that made me sad to read that. i think you are fantastic. even if you do bring rollerblades to lunch .

no disdain, no disdain. only love.

please don't hold a grudge against me now for my dream transgression like phoebe did to ross.