Wednesday, October 24, 2007

dream facts, part 1

Some of you know that Women's Health is one of my favorite magazines. Well last night I opened up the November 2007 issue and flipped to the very last page like I always do. The very last page is called "The Average Woman" and each month it's all about women and one specific topic.

This month it's "The Average Woman... and her dreams" which has some really appropriate information for our dream blog. I've decided to be oh-so-kind and type it all up for your reading pleasure. ;) Hopefully it helps you interpret or understand some of your dreams! (This is Part 1. Part 2 - which is much shorter - will follow in the days to come!)

-When the Average Woman (AW) had her first dream: in the womb
-Age at which the AW begins starring regularly in her own dreams: 7
-Main characters until then: animals
-Animal most likely to appear in the AW's dreams: snake
-What it symbolizes: healing, transformation, and fear

-Number of dreams the AW has per night: 4 to 6
-In a year: 1,825
-In her life: 147,825

-Number of adults who occasionally have nightmares: more than half
-Most common nightmare: being chased by a wild animal, monster, or evildoer
-Person who wrote a book based on a real nightmare: Mary Shelley (Frankenstein)
-What else haunts the AW in her sleep:
1. falling
2. getting lost
3. a surprise exam
4. losing teeth

-Percentage of women who have kept a dream diary: 15
-Percentage of women who say a dream has come true: 48
-Of those dreams, percentage that were good: 31
-Percentage that were bad: 7

-How long it usually takes the AW to forget a dream: a few minutes
-Percentage of women who daydream: 95
-Percentage of the day the AW spends zoning out: 30
-What the AW daydreams about:
1. sex
2. vacation
3. the past

-Age at which the AW had her first sex dream: 15 or older
-Number of women who say they remember it: fewer than 1 in 4
-Percentage of the AW's dreams that remember it: 8
-Percentage of women who say they've climaxed while asleep: 4
-The AW's top sex dream: being submissive
-The man of her dreams: her current bedmate
-Runner's up:
1. an ex
2. a male friend
3. a made-up hottie

-Percentage of women who say they've dreamed about a celeb: 35
-The star: Brad Pitt

-Dream the AW would make a reality if she could: eating without ever gaining a pound
-Phases in the AW's life during which she dreams the most: adolescence and pregnancy
-What the AW dreams about when knocked up: swimming and fish
-Daytime activity that spurs the AW's dreams: learning something new
-Daytime activity that stifles them: exercise
-Reason: muscle repair during sleep may block the creative process


I Hope So said...

thanks, kendra. that was fun to read. when do we see part 2??

surprise exams and loosing teeth are very common for me. i'm glad to know i'm an average woman.

Cerise said...

Wow; that was great! I liked the last one, about exercise--although in my experience, training for marathons certainly provides ample nightmare fodder.

Thee Hidden One said...

This was really fun to read; Im still wondering about the exercise part..does that mean we can stop exercising to continue dreaming?? :)