Saturday, October 6, 2007

Dessert Party!

Yesterday I had a dream about desserts. I was in a staff meeting at my last place of employment, listening to a meeting led by two of my professors. At one point in the dream, one was trying to enunciate the word "heroine" (the drug) in an effort to pronounce it correctly, whereas the other one was puzzled at these attempts. (They are both married to each other in real life and in the dream.) The dream continues to pan toward the table, which is long and rectangular, and contains any dessert you can imagine. Chocolate? Whipped cream icing? Buttercream frosting? Pastries? Apple Fritters? Cherries? Cakes? Cookies? Donuts? Yep. They were all there. We begin to eat and then it immediately is time to go. Then we all scramble to grab the desserts we want to take and then begin to realize there is just too many desserts to eat. And then I woke up.


Kendra said...

so did you wake up and have some type of pastry or donut for breakfast? isn't that how dreams of that nature go? ;)

Cerise said...

And could you taste them in the dream? I love the dreams where I can taste things (although it can be disappointing to wake up and not immediately be able to recreate the goodness).

Thee Hidden One said...

Actually the day before, I was tempted with a piece of of chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting, that tasted and looked sinfully good. I think I sort of got my fix that way and in the dream, but it sure made me crave more when I woke up..too bad I couldnt taste it in the dream, because that would be a nice way to eat without any damaging calories! :)