Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another Car Dream

I was riding down a highway that I've seen before (recurring dream, perhaps?), it's kind of a mix of the West Side Highway here in NYC and an exit ramp near Penn State. Anyway, this guy I used to know from high school is driving, and my old best friend is in passenger seat. And we're going really fast, and we heard sirens behind us, but the police were just letting us know that we were going too fast, they didn't stop us or give us a ticket. So Brian looks down and sees that he's going 200 miles an hour, so we slow down to about 90.

When we finally stop, it's actually my parents in the front seat, and we all get out of the car and we're in a parking lot of a dock and it's a really gorgeous day. And this other family there was trying to teach their child how to fly a kite, it was rainbow colored. But the parents weren't doing a great job of teaching him, so I went to help, but as I started walking towards him, he and the kite starting flying upwards, like a balloon.

No one else seemed to care, but I was running after him, trying to get him down.


some poems don't rhyme said...

interesting that the first three dreams involve driving...

Nicole said...

yeah, a lot of my dreams do... i used to have the same recurring car crash dream every month for years. But that's stopped now, thank goodness.